How to Count Sheets in Workbook using VBA – VBA Tutorials

Count Sheets in a Workbook
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Introduction/Problem Statement

In this blog, we will talk about How to Count Sheets in a Workbook using VBA code.



To Calculate Worksheet using VBA.

Calculate worksheet using VBA
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Sub KDataScience_HowToCountWorksheetInAWorkbook()

    'To count Worksheets in a Workbook
    MsgBox Application.Sheets.Count

End Sub

This is the code for counting the number of sheets in a Workbook.



this code which is used for counting the number of Sheets in a Workbook is very simple and easy to use. Our opinion, rather than to count sheets Number manually, use this code for your ease. I hope this will help you for clarification.


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  1. I got this blog on the internet when I was searching for VBA codes and i found it very useful and effective. I really do appreciate the work and the detailed analysis you have done in the blog which really helps me to clarify my doubts and I will also suggest this website to others.

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